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Federico E Turkheimer, Professor in Neuroimaging Analysis and Statistics – Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Photograph of Federico E Turkheimer

Federico E Turkheimer

Professor in Neuroimaging Analysis and Statistics

Research overview

Our main research aim is the development of imaging biomarkers for psychiatric and neurological disorders using quantitative methodologies and MRI and PET data. We run this effort in the framework of Complexity Science that enables the construction of multi-scale models of brain function and the integration of genetic, molecular, imaging (clinical and pre-clinical) and behavioural data in comprehensive mechanistic models. Such models allow both the application of precision medicine for the prediction of therapy response in pathological cohorts, but also the discovery and development of targeted therapies.IIn collaboration with the Psychosis Group (Prof Howes) we have presently brought to clinical trials the first ever PET marker for clinical use in psychiatry ([18F]FDOPA as a predictor of response to first-line antipsychotics).  Current work in psychosis considers the use of an MRI derived measure of oxygen metabolism as predictor of failure of maintenance treatment.Having established the field of neuroinflammation imaging with PET, we are presently finalizing a model for the interaction between peripheral and central immunity in treatment resistance in major depression. 

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