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Katie Long, MRC Career Development Fellow – Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Photograph of Katie Long

Katie Long

MRC Career Development Fellow

Research overview

Our research focuses on how the human neocortex develops with the correct size, shape and organisation, and the role of the extracellular matrix in these processes. Extracellular matrix is highly abundant in the developing human neocortex, but its function in neocortex development is not yet fully understood. To address this we use an interdisciplinary approach to look at the cellular and mechanical mechanisms by which the extracellular matrix drives the development of the human neocortex, including the formation of the folds present on the surface of the neocortex, and how dysregulation of these functions can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Mutations in several extracellular matrix genes have been previously linked to neurodevelopmental disorders with cognitive impairments, such as lissencephaly, in which there are too few folds on the surface of the neocortex. We are particularly interested in understanding i) how perturbations in these specific extracellular matrix components can lead to these neurodevelopmental abnormalities, ii) how the extracellular matrix is affected in other neurodevelopmental disorders, and iii) how it may contribute to the changes in neocortex size, shape and organisation observed in them.

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