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Mary Rutherford, – Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Photograph of Mary Rutherford

Mary Rutherford

Research overview

Mary Rutherford trained as a paediatrician, specialising in neonatal neurology and has worked with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for over 30 years. The Rutherford group’s expertise is in the acquisition and interpretation of fetal and neonatal MRI of the brain. Mary's research interests include using MRI sequences to allow objective quantification of both normal and abnormal brain development in utero and postnatally, looking at the effects of complications of pregnancy, congenital disorders and acquired injury. She is also interested in using MRI to understand the structure and function of the placenta and its effects on fetal development. 

The group has several ongoing projects using MRI to study the developing brain in fetal ventriculomegaly, high risk of autism, Trisomy 21, congenital heart disorders, craniofacial dysmorphisms, threatened preterm pregnancy and the role of MRI in late pregnancy to improve management of delivery. The Rutherford group also run combined research with imaging and histological studies.

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