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Emma Robinson, Senior Lecturer In Medical Image Computing – Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Photograph of Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson

Senior Lecturer In Medical Image Computing

Research overview

My research focuses on the development of novel image processing and machine learning technologies that improve the precision with which it is possible to study the human cerebral cortex, from MRI and electrophysiology. Much of this work involves modelling the cortex as a surface and studying the topography and dynamics of brain function in that domain. This work led to a ground-breaking new map of in vivo brain organisation published in Nature. We currently focus a lot of work into the development of tools for geometric deep learning of the cortical surface (discussed from 1hr 7mins into this YouTube recording of the GeoMedIA 2022 workshop). My long-term goal is to build explainable/forward models of neuropsychiatric diseases, see recent works on dementia, and healthy ageing. We remain involved in major open-science projects: the Human Connectome Project, the Developing Human Connectome Project; and UK Biobank. All our software is publicly available through GitHub.

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