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Thomas Pollak, NIHR Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Neuropsychiatrist – Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Photograph of Thomas Pollak

Thomas Pollak

NIHR Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Research overview

In our current work, we are attempting to improve the early detection of autoimmune psychosis, as well as elucidating the brain mechanisms by which a self-reactive immune response might give rise to neuropsychiatric symptoms across a range of health and disease states. Our other research interests include elucidating the immunological effects of psychotropic drugs, the impact of mental illness risk factors on immune system function, the role of infections in psychiatry, mechanisms of post-acute COVID syndrome (long COVID), glutamatergic abnormalities in psychosis and organic presentations in clinical neuropsychiatry.

I trained in psychology (BA; Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford), medicine (MBBS; King’s College London), clinical psychiatry (MRCPsych; Royal College of Psychiatrists) and clinical neurology (MSc; University College London). In 2015, I was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship to look at the neuroimmunological basis of psychiatric disease, with a particular focus on the autoantibodies known to cause autoimmune encephalitis. In 2019, I was awarded an NIHR Clinical Lectureship.

Selected Publications

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