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NeuroAgenda launches


NeuroAgenda launches

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NeuroAgenda, a new public engagement initiative, showcases the work and contributions of women in neuroscience and raises awareness of the pressing need for gender parity in science, especially at senior levels.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders and the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology invited our social media followers to join us to recognise the contributions of women in science. Through Twitter and Instagram, we showcased the work, experiences and ideas of women from a variety of roles in our Centres who share their passion for science and education as well as discuss some of the challenges facing women in neuroscience today.

Highlights from NeuroAgenda include interviews with Drs Clémence Bernard & Noemi Pallas Bazarra, Prof Beatriz Rico, Dr Gemma Modinos, Lauren Ryan, Dr Rachel Moore, Dr Marcela Lipovsek, Dr Laura Andreae and Prof Corinne Houart (all available on YouTube). On ’Throwback Thursday’, NeuroAgenda journeyed back in time to explore some of the landmark contributions women at King’s have made to science and medicine. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the participants and supporters of NeuroAgenda and the NeuroAgenda Team : Leigh Wilson, Sally Horton, Sara Ratti, Abi Gartner and Hannah Bruce. 

To see more about NeuroAgenda, have a look at our Instagram accounts (CDN's and then MRC CNDD's) and our Twitter posts (CDN's profile and the MRC CNDD's) and catch up on any of the interviews you missed.

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