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Exploring the dimensions of research into the developing human brain


Exploring the dimensions of research into the developing human brain

This public engagement event was part of the Human Research Symposium "From stem cells to tissue: New insights into human neurodevelopment & disorders" which was held on Monday 4th September 2023 at The Francis Crick Institute.

A convergence of recent technical advances in studying biology coupled with the availability of samples through the Human Developmental Biology Initiative have led to an explosion of insights into brain development using the human as a model system. Transcriptomics, transplantation, cell & tissue culture, and imaging have revealed how our brains display unique strategies for producing and assembling neurons. Human neurodevelopment offers the opportunity to understand what sets us apart from other mammals but also how conditions that arise in the embryo and foetus might be better addressed in the clinic.

The event brought together three different views of this emerging landscape for exploring human brain development – how it speaks to those affected by conditions, the process of donation and how human developmental brain research can connect with a broader public audience.

Questions and discussion were open to the public via the zoom webinar. This is a recording of the event.

Chaired by Professor Richard Wingate (King’s College London) with guest speakers & panellists:

Organiser: Dr Leigh Wilson (King’s College London).

For more information please contact: leigh.wilson@kcl.ac.uk

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